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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tips to get repeat visitor to your site

It is never easy when we talking a bout how to drive massive traffic and make them repeat to our site. this is some tips how to get repeat you google adsense site sure learning seo is important but doing some tips below it can help us :

1. the most important part is update frequently, try to add pages on your website freaquently. stagnart sites are dropped by some search engine and people.

2. try to make offer additional value on your website in example add affiliate link that sell some thing related to your topic.

3. add bookmark script that allow people bookmark your page on their pc.

4. add "recommend this site to a friend" so visitor can tell their friend if they do like your site.

5. brand your site so visitor will always remember how is your site. in example use consistent solors,logos, slogan, etc

6. add a FAQ page so if customers have some doubts in their firs visit it will resolve that doubts.

7 make sure that each page on your site has appropriate tittles and keywords so that visitor can find what their needs.

8.never spam a client like newsletters, etc

and many more but that is some from my tips how to make your visitor back to your site.

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