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Saturday, May 22, 2010


Afilisasi business is one business that apling favored by bloggers. If we have listed in the affiliation then we will be afiliater that will work for memasafkan yan products provided by companies or individuals. In our affiliate does not need to buy the goods we will promote.however, we only register as afiliater then we will be given a link from the products we promote. every purchase of product from the link, then we are entitled to a commission of around 10% -80% of the price of the products we mempromosikan.Jika you want to earn extra money from the affiliate business we must have the means to conduct such business affiliate portals, blogs, mailist. for example we have a blog that contains tips permrograman then we can give our affiliate links on programming books. the visitors of our blog will membelu programming book from our blog pages.
Examples of companies that register in a single afiliater: Shop on line that initially only sell books on line, founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994 was a pioneer in online business.

Writing an e mail and complete the requested data to the right until the registration process is complete selesai.Saat afiliater at We have successfully combined into one afiliater amazonedan live show from the link on our blog. for payment, send a check after we get the Amazone $ 100 and can be redeemed at the big banks in a country.

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Thanks for the info.. :)
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