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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dollar from Text Ads or Link Ads

In this chapter we will learn to generate dollars ataulink ads using text ads. Program of the most widely used in the search and is Google Adsense. Actually there are many similar programs contained in the Internet to supplement our income.
Text ads are an advertising program on our website or by a party who collects the ad. We will be given a code of html / javascript should we put on our website or blog. This code is an advertising code that would be paid if the visitor clicks on the ad.
Business ads or text link ads business actually rather difficult. To be able to do business text ads, we should have a website or blog with a lot of content, original, unique, and always up to date. Content is the content of the website or blog. This is key if our website will be preferred by many people or not. Original means the display on our website is not copied from another website or blog. Unique means that we have a website or blog particularities that must be considered when we make a website or blog that we will use for text ads. Three things are also associated with a large number of visitors who visit our website or blog. If more and more visitors then the text ads on your website or blog with us more and more popular and increase the chance click on the ad.
How to apply Google Adsense:
1. Open website
2. Click Sign Up.
3. Fill in the URL address of website language, type of accounts and approve all proposed Google Adsense.
4. Wait until confirmed.
If your registration is successful then we will be able to put ads on your website or blog. For setting displayed ads, we are given kebebaasan to regulate them. And to see the revenue can log in to your account at google adsense.

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Andreas said...

An alternative resource for text links is where bloggers can make money publishing static text links on websites and internal pages as well as contextual links within content like articles and blog posts on their blogs.

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