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Monday, May 31, 2010

10 Google Adsense Tips

Here are 10 Tips & Tricks Google Adsense for beginners:

1. Create an unheard-Apply Google Adsense (GA) or rejected often apply in adsense, might start by making English-language blog at - Update at least 1-2 months if the new OK dah apply GA.
This step is the possibility of successful 90% to record your site is not illegal site (hackers, porn, download crack) and the like, and the site should also be frequently updated regularly.Blogs are free and fast solution, rather than buy netter domain or spend money on hosting. After his lively blog, buy solution domain can be done, and bloggers to provide facilities for it.

2. Netter site should speak English if Indonesia or the mixture will usually be rarely out of his text-ads-Google, who came out 99% service ads (can diakalin but violate the TOS - Terms of servises) unless the site has an annual netter (more than 1-2 years) new ad out if a mixture of Indo language can sometimes be Eurasian and English and can also sometimes get out "advertising services".

3. Never you mencurangin Google because sooner or later, netter definitely caught. Read the TOS before because every 3-6 months so there must be a new provision that every day I see more and more complicated ... 1990% of GA would have never done well in deliberate cheating or not, the most common cheating going on tires, if that is rarely the most diperingatin first.

4. For those who want to increase site traffic for free can wear different ways:

- List of all sites, especially search engines Google, Yahoo and MSN (do every second Sunday)
- Tukeran links / banners with other sites
- Send an e-mail to acquaintances who know only (not spam) or attach a signature in your e-mail
- Use netter site signature when posting in forums
- Mailing lists can sometimes be helpful (do not spam as well)
- Update site and make interesting and informative as possible, so as to attract incoming
- Perform any way lest SPAM & not mimic GA

5. Alternatively netter must pay with installing the banner on another site, which you think fit with what you promote or connect with Google AdWords. Never pay traffic sites that promise thousands of visitors because it is only temporary and was banned by the GA.

6. Do not spam in any netter doing promotion for the site because of spammers hated among the virtual world, and that spam is usually a bad reputation even though the site will increase traffic for a while but for the long term effect is not good, and the site will netter in the "blacklist".Do not be annoying because a lot netter Indo been branded with a bad reputation on the internet as a pleasure-netter cracker, pirate copyright, deceiving the nation itself and the last began a hobby nge-SPAM.

7. Netter can affiliate to clickbank, amazon or other who supplement income for your site.Proper ad placement position, the display site and news is updated frequently can also make its own benefits for netter

8. Netter site should have the suffix. Com or. Net (not a free domain name like. Cc, or a, etc.), although at first blogger (blogspot) from Google enough to help. This is because in the web world is very much a rival and instead use a site that ends with. Com or. Net rarely enter top ten ranking unless netter finding of unique words for it, or netter very informative site with useful features news for many people. Even if it took so long to be in the position advertised on their site unless netter.

9. Netter should have a hobby to write an article, because if not netter site contains only information extracted from the sites of others, and rating site will be slowly rising. Netter if other people take away from the site and keep on editing and on-perbagus, please cantumin source, because this is a code of ethics of journalists. Our article on the internet are also often hijacked another netter without mencamtumkan source of nowhere.
Learn to share and respect fellow netters, if netter including people who like to hijack, well please reduced and eliminated a long time ...

10. The last thing most important is "never surrender", because everybody and I also started from scratch. Everything there is always a beginning. Learn, learn, and learning is the key if you want success in this field, and I also still do to this day

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