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Saturday, May 22, 2010


Difficulties for the beginner to create a blog in addition to technical problems is a matter of theme and content or blog content. What an interesting theme, and many are looking affecting visitors on your blog.
There are some interesting themes that are usually visited by the netter:
• Current Issue. Discussed at the right moment will make hemp visit our blog.
• Information technology. Topikk is always interesting and lively because IT is an industry with grow very rapidly. So there are new things that often appear.
• HP and Gadgets. HP and the new gadgets are always displayed. This means opening the opportunity for bloggers to write about HP and gadgets.
• Gossip artist. This topic has own market segment. If you can provide the most Anyar artist gossip, your blog has the potential to crowded.
• controversial issues. All the things that tend to be crowded controversial. And will be many who are looking for. Discussing controversial issues when the issue was being discussed.Visitors will be many who come looking for it.
• Making money on the internet. This topic is always crowded. Although the topic actually make money on the internet is nothing new, but many people are looking for and do ppencarian materials on the Internet.
There are still many interesting themes and you can find material that you own eg take away from ajalah, books, newspapers, etc. good luck. GOOD LUCK

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