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Friday, May 28, 2010

Can Adsense for search provides revenue for the publisher? Sure you can. Yes, you can.However, large incomes would vary. There is a large, medium, small or always Bunder end of each month.
I do not include AdSense publishers who have an income for the search of large, medium, or small. Bunder mostly just the end of each month. However, I learned how to optimize AdSense for search. Below are the results of my learning activities.
Tips for optimizing AdSense for Search
Make Adsense for Search as the main search form on our blog. Do it if you want the AdSense for Search was able money
Use Adsense for Search with Google logo. It will increase confidence in the search that he will get quality search results.
Put AdSense for search form Search in strategic places so that visitors can immediately see.Putting AdSense for Search in the header of the blog is highly recommended.
Eliminate the competition. Discard the search form another so that each visitor who will conduct the search will use AdSense for Search form.
Try AdSense for search to appear on every page. Placing Adsense for Search in the header will make AdSense for Search to appear on all pages. However, both will be added if in between the contents of the shipment (post) and comment form was issued form the AdSense for Search.
Search results pages (search result page) in the blog we will be better. We can choose whether the search results page will be displayed in the same window, in a new window or in a blog / site us. If we can make the search results page in the blog / site us, it would be better.
AdSense for search optimization examples that have been discussed on blogs adsense is this shipment

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