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Sunday, May 30, 2010

How to increase Alexa rank?

How to increase Alexa rank? Easy koq! In this article I am going to share how to increase your Alexa rank very easy. It is undeniable that there has been a lot of people who have written a variety of techniques to increase alexa rank, there is a way that "kosher" or not. hehe,,

I share here is just the way I have been practicing and it worked, well not yet Andri practice techniques will not be written here because of personal experience, many blogs are just "copy-paste + edit Little" haha,, so they themselves do not really right to know if a way can be beneficial or not.

Here's how to improve your Alexa rank:

1. Install the Alexa toolbar, click here to install the Alexa toolbar. Well once you enter you will see two options, "install the Alexa toolbar" and "install as the status bar." Which should be installed? If Andri itself, install both, for free anyway, haha,, Just follow the prompts aja, deh wrong!

2. Now the second is to install the alexa widget in your blog. (This is very important, because we put a robot like Alexa to our blog, ha,,) click here to install the alexa widget. Enter your blog to the "Alexa Site Stats Button" then build widgets and copy the html code onto your blog.
A little extra, Alexa rank can be increased also by increasing the number of backlinks blogwalking to do with the blog (given the comments to his blog) who DoFollow, trus doFollownya blog?

good luck

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I was tested, Not many helped...

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