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Monday, June 7, 2010

Tips Increasing Alexa Ranking

The greater the number given alexa mean the end of your blog or ranking less ugly, the opposite if its small Alexa rank, it means that your blog has a good Alexa rank.
Terms that fluent in making money from the internet, we should have a blog alexa rank below the 1 million.

What I do in the lower Alexa rank
following some of my penglaman may be practiced, yes .. this purely on my experiences.

1. Put Alexa widgets on blogs, get in
2. Install the Alexa toolbar on your computer, can also be downloaded at the site alexa, free ...!
3. Create a little review about Alexa, and give a link to the wesite alexa.
4. Rajinlah rajinlah update the article, try using SEO techniques in writing an article, please read my article about the blog content.
5. Rajinlah visit blog friends or blog walking, did not get enough practice kalu No steps. 4. (This is what I normally do)
6. Rajinlah exchange links with fellow bloggers, read pages Apri friend.
7. Keep your blog installed as the default page in the browser, so that each time the browser is active then you are in the first blog that appeared.
8. Let your blog page is always open for you online and frequent refreshes the page.

Okay so some of my tips in the lower Alexa rank, for blogger friends have other tips please share it in the comment box

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