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Friday, June 4, 2010

Tips Adbrite

Tips Adbrite this that I want to share with colleagues all my english if you please the sorry mess of my sources is this Adbrite Web Tips

AdBrite TIPS
1. When we put up the price to the advertiser's ads are too expensive adbrite we do not let the advertisernya will be interested in text link that we sell:). So essentially we are selling text links and others such as banners and other cheap low price-aja . If I was easy-easy course I NEVER set their own price, but always ato pake prices from adbrite adbrite let that assess how and how much my web at a reasonable price for the web / blog I was the first well we go loh ok aja yah! !

2.tempat adbrite text link and banner strategis.Yah if this should also think already know anywhere in strategic places might tuh strategic places on the right or left and slightly above deh ato text link banner put it:). Enough of that from her also a bit ga mudeng with this second point.

3. about web / blog you do not inconsequential ato do poorly in describing the blog / web anda.mendeskripsikannya logical deh.Tapi aja I am also less able to explain how a logical description.

Advertisers 4.Bujuk ato advertiser to want to advertise on the site by changing the way you might advertise in this site written by adbrite was replaced once yah.saya also less clear because these tips from the big boss Kaplan om adbrite.

5. if there's a new adbrite immediate use and experiment oh so remember aq nih ama who like to experiment the kxmxxl.Contohnya that if there are new products such as video ads and adbrite can be tried tuh cuman briteflic I have not tried:).

Aja deh yah maybe that there are actually 10 tips just do not really know the purpose tadi.maaf tips when I rarely update anymore because busy:). I'm also going camping soon kebali.Salam tour then also make shmily q ga yah sorry can you chat temenin in YM.Selama aq ga shmily On Line On Line will not be taken people:). nih digress so see you next time hopefully everything krasan here and google for live help index continues aq-article article also create greeting kampul et al. :). Bye-Bye all see you at the next info:)

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