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Thursday, June 3, 2010

PPC Besides Google Adsense Alternative

PPC Besides Google Adsense Alternative
Google adsense is very promising for PPC publiser, however, Google Adsense also has many disadvantages. therefore it is better if we want to get a pile of dollars of PPC, you should not rely solely on Google Adsense alone. We must try to jelly in seeking opportunities to collect dollars. Lots of PPC than Google Adsense which we can try to increase our dollar purse.

Like I said earlier, that Google Adsense was a lot of weaknesses that we do not realize that could have a negative impact for Publisernya. The weakness of Google Adsense PPC are:

1. Support Google Adsense Only one person, the rest just rely on robots

This I know after I read an article on Blog neighbor (I forgot her url, so mmohon sorry if I did not fill). kronoliginya this way: "There is a publiser from the USA there who obtain or income Earning $ 600 a month, but before I know for no apparent reason and without notice a clear Eke, Banned by the account he had at the Old Mistress. Well because he was in the USA, so he tried to contact the Support Google Adsense (GA) via phone. Until several days he could not talk directly with the support, and once when akrirnya he could also talk to the CS TSB. After that he then asked about how she and her account with the earnings from the account in the banned TSB. From the explanations and information from The CS states that all who worked to oversee all matters relating to the GA is Robots.

2. It was easy for the Banned

Maybe you do not realize that every human being or person can make your GA account banned.
Ah the Bener ....? . If anyone wants to make fun of nosy or banned your GA account, how easy kok. Want to know? ... Hehehe ... company secrets times
3. Worried or afraid to pay publiser

... Why pay Publiser cook GA scared ..? This could happen. Suppose you just became publiser publiser neither the new, but the fact you were able to generate $ 500 in the first month, then Get ready your account banned. Yet here you are not cheating (Bener Bener-your hard work), but the Mistress would still suspect that you are cheating.

Therefore you should look for an alternative to Google Adsense PPC for backup. As for PPC than Google adsense for example Infolinks, Bidvertiser, Adsbrite, DLL.
Among the many PPC other than Google Adsense, here's one of my choices might be pleased with your hearts. Google Adsense and other PPC I have just tried this. PPC is ADsMANAGE. In Adsmanage, in addition to the system CPC (Cost Per Click) there is also:

1. Text Link ala infolinks so,
2. CPV (Cost Per Visitor) (we will pay if there are visitors in our blogs and leads to a site advertiser)
3. XML Feed, our website, we make the ad search site
4. Domain Parking, Well, this could be an alternative Domain parking also

Proven adsmanage provide a complete service to his publiser. If you want to learn more, please visit the site and read his own Admanage yes ...!
Hopefully the article Alternative PPC Apart from my Google Adsense can help you increase business income from PPC.

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