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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Get Alexa Rank

For the players paid review, must have a blog with alexa rank below the 500 000 plus pagerank 3 is a must in order to always get the job. So, how do I get an Alexa rank of under 500 000? Relax, this trick can be directly proven and tested.

Below are the tricks I've done and prove to this blog and you can try.

1. Posting at least 50 articles

if you are good at SEO, article 50 does not need to. But in my experience, 50 articles are useful and can raise a lot of people search for alexa ranking blogs.

2. Submit an article on cross

Traffic news is one of the most popular social bookmarking sites in Indonesia and you can use it to get visitors more. This method is relatively quick and not too difficult. You can read the tutorial in my previous article entitled "How to Sign Top 10 Traffic News"

3. Ask your friends to write reviews at

Open the first page and your site's ranking in and in the review column, you can ask temana to write short sentences about our blog. Try to give five stars to alexa thinking if your blog is useful.

4. Do not forget to install the Alexa toolbar on your computer.

By installing the Alexa toolbar in your browser, increase alexa rank will occur easily.

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