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Monday, June 7, 2010

How to Register Adbrite Ads

For those who like blogging in the Indonesian language, do not be sad if his blog can not dipasangin google adsense ads. There are still other alternatives who can receive the blog in Indonesian language and way too easy to register Adbrite Marketplace that is more commonly called Adbrite. How do I apply? Follow these guidelines:

1. Click this linkbutton to register:
2. Follow the instructions pendaftaran.3 process. Once accepted, entry / login again to Adbrite4. Click the menu "My Account"

5. Menu click on "Create a New Zone"

6. Love signs of tick / check the 'Text Ads "and" Interstitial Ads "

7. Click menu "Next: DESCRIBE Your Site." And fill in the blog address, title and blog description.

8. When finished, continue with Step 3 dg click menu "Next: Help New Advertisers find you in the Adbrite Marketplace."

9. There were three empty boxes that must be filled dg keywords, tags or keywords to lure advertisers who are interested in your blog. Tip: (a) Fill in the keywords dg well-who dg related technologies like Internet, camera phones, laptops, etc., (b) each dg commas separated keywords.

10. Underneath is the menu of "Choose Category". Choose one category dg clicking there, example: "Technology" continues to select another "second category". On the far right column there is the menu "Include in the AdBrite site directory?" Choose / click on "free listing"

11. Finished, click "Next .." Select ad format / form of advertising that will be installed. Tip: Max character ...: select 25; Maximum number of text ads: select 4; Maximum character length of ads description: select 70.

12. In the menu "Networks Ads" select "Yes"

13. In the menu "Ad Content" select one of two things.

14. Finished, click on "Next: Set Pricing". Click "Yes I want to optimize my pricing. Start my auto pricing at "content dg 1 dollar (this will automatically change when you blog a lot of enthusiasts).

15. Finished, click "Next: Get Ad html code."

16. There is a choice form / ad formats between Vertical and Horizontal (like on this blog).Choose as you wish.

17. Copy the html code below imaginable, and enter in your blog.

18. Done.

Adbrite Referral Ads:

Adbrite also have an affiliate program / referral. who signed up for Adbrite through your referral, you will be able to profit sharing. Linkbutton how to install it, click menu "referral program" to the right of the menu "My Account".

Important note:

1. Adbrite advertise on blogs that have AdSense ads aka NOTHING NOT PERMITTED by Google Adsense. Google Adsense also allows Chitika advertisements and Ad-text links placed in the same blog or website. I've confirmed this directly in Google Adsense manager.

2. Income from Adbrite Ads dg still far behind Google Adsense. But for bloggers who blog in the Indonesian language would be better put Adbrite ads than none at all, while waiting for the Google Adsense can accept ads on blogs that speak Indonesian. Toh main goal is to hone blogging and writing skills as well as releasing uneg-uneg, not intending to look for big profits, right?

3. This reply is not less important is the dg joined Adbrite program, our blog will get free promotion from the dg Adbrite Adbrite advertise in directories to attract the advertisers. So, we can be an added advantage here: free blog promotion.

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