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Friday, June 18, 2010

how to increase page rank

I am fully aware if a way to increase Google PageRank until now nothing is certain yet, and everything is still limited to only approximate. For example, we often encounter a number of blogs that have backlinks (backlinks who can be viewed at to thousands, but his value is still a range of Google PageRank 2 and 3. While in other cases, dozens of blogs with a backlink, could have a PR 3 or even 4 PR. Then if it means raising pagerank is good is determined by whether or not an item, many also found a blog with no content has a good PageRank. That's the main reason why I mentioned from the outset if the tips and ways to increase the Google PageRank that guns have a valid 100%.

However, after I read about how to increase the exposure kangnoval Google PageRank uses link a direction I think if what was written by him was reasonable. Given a moment longer willing to step on the end of the month in March, which in my assumption that there will be a massive update pagerank, so starting today I will be doing an experiment with a link to increase google pagerank one direction. If eventually successful, it will be an advantage for me, but if it does not work, yes it does not matter, anyway this income guns hehehe ... Nothing like a contest to loose aja peaceful election campaign in 2009 heuheue Indonesia ...

Back to topic, according to tipsnya where we have to make a direction to the blog link is the target, then the steps I do are as follows.
1. Setting up a blog which would be increased his homework, for this experiment, I just use a subdomain only, ie on
2. Collect backlinks from anywhere, whether through a blogroll on the main blog or blogwalking to do follow blogs. Because using the principle of one way link, guns of course I need to do link exchanging or Reciprocal Links. This means collecting inbound links as possible without making outbound links (inbound links = incoming links, outbound link = link out). Understand dong yah? Hehehe ...
3. Least once a week to update content

After three ways above done, I'll wait until Google PageRank update. If the results can exceed Pagerank 2 digits, it means that the experimental way of increasing Google Pagerank above is recommended. But if the results are still below the number 2, meaning the steps in the experiment need to be added. Why so? Because by doing any exchanging links, a PR value of 2 is easily categorized. The period at the expense of exchanging links, just get PR 2 also hehehe ...

For those who want to follow-up experiments by following the above ways to increase google pagerank, please just. But the result beyond my responsibility wkwkwk ... Ok, that much postingnya aja, after this I'm going to try to optimize for a peaceful election campaign in 2009 again so that Indonesia can still compete with other participants xixixi ... because this time is in position 2: (

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